8 Bots to Help Automate Your Business (and Get More Done, Faster)

How many times have you wished, futile as it is, that you could clone yourself? Or that you could grow two extra arms?

As a busy entrepreneur, you’re likely wearing many hats and working long hours, especially in the early days of your business. Maybe it’s too early to hire staff, or you’re still struggling with delegating to the staff you have. It’s your baby, after all, built from scratch with your bare hands.

But what if you could automate some of your daily tasks, leaving you more time to do what you do best? Enter bots.

We’ve introduced bots for business in the past, specifically chatbots that perform tasks or return information based on a text or messenger “conversations” much like you’d have with a friend. But bots have evolved beyond their chatbot origins, communicating with us through voice, learning and adapting to our needs, and even talking among themselves.

You probably already use bots in your daily life, whether it’s asking Siri for a traffic update, or controlling smart devices in your home via Alexa. Bots can help a weather app talk to a garden sprinkler, or send push notifications every time a post on Craigslist meets your search criteria.

Often, as in the case of Siri and Alexa, bots are given human qualities, with commands more conversational, versus typing in a search engine.