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It all started as a great idea for my kid sisters' newborn. I slipped her into what I suddenly invented, a Cozy Cocoon! It helped her calm down so much, and was so darn cute I just couldn't stop making them! And that's how it all began, 20 years ago

Since then, the original simple Cozy Cocoon has expanded into many other practical, whimsical, stylish swaddling outfits & accessories, but the inspiration, then and now, has always been the same: to create comfortable, simple & functional baby products for caring families everywhere!

Patricia De

Founder & Cozy-in-Chief


Some of my early creations.

hey, I made these outfits!


We are located in bustling New York and our staff is made up of great people of all ages, working hard to create fun, easy and useful products for baby and you. We have a passion for Cozy Cocoons and babies everywhere and so we never stop innovating, improving and updating to bring you our best.


We love creating local jobs, sourcing local fabric and trims, and buying local equipment and machines as we expand. We are excited that our products have been so well received around the world that we have been honored to be recognized as an Exporter of the Year by Think Global Magazine.

"We received the wonderful Cozy Cocoons! Absolutely love them! It really makes the babies chill (twins!) Thanks you so much for creating them!" Nanette & Jeff



"I can't say enough good things about it. I bought one before my baby was born hoping he liked to be swaddled (unlike my other kids). Well, thankfully, he loves to be swaddled and it's due to the Cozy Cocoon! Like other people have said, my baby immediately calms when I start to put on his Cozy Cocoon, before I even roll it all the way up! He has gotten to know what I’m doing and even that calms him:) !" Happy Mom, Candice

"My son loves his Cozy Cocoon. And we love it too and were so unhappy when he finally outgrew it at about 18 months! Thanks for making babyhood much easier on all of us. I give a Cozy Cocoon at every baby shower now :o)." G. West

"A HUGE THANK YOU for your creativity!" Melanie

"This product is well priced and well made, you can't go wrong! I am sure you will be pleased, as will your baby. Make your life with baby more perfect." Julie S.


We can go on and on about how excited we are about our products, but what we really want to know is what you think. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram @Cozy_Cocoon or write us at